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 Bedlam Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Bedlam Rules of Conduct   Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:43 pm

1 : 21 years of age
21 is our guilds age minimum.

2 : Play for fun
Members do what they want when they want. Noone is required to do
specific PvE raids nor PvP or other events.
Your time is your own, have fun!

3 : Guild members
When you join ... you join as a person and not a toon.
Guild members cannot be active members in other guilds.

4 : Chat rules
We do joke and tease in guild chat but do not be offensive to others and do not flame one another in guild chat

5 : Respect, Neutrality & fair gameplay
Always show respect for others.
Don't flame others. Don't steal camps or kills. Don't be rude.
Whether it's a guild member or someone else, treat them as you wish to
be treated.

6 : No begging
Do not beg or exploit the guilds resourses and members.
Do not beg from others at all.
Noone likes a begger and this will make the whole guild look bad.

7. : Zero tolerence
There will be zero tolerence for account thieves/ scammers and loot
GMs will disband anyone from guild immediately if proof is shown.

8. Alts
All alts are welcome to join the guild. We have no level restriction. You must post who your alt is on the alt forum before asking an officer for invite

9. Taxes

The current tax rate for this guild is 40%

10. Guild leaders are:
GM - Svoda
Officers - Bobbyearl, Ravendous and Puggz

They are responsible for creating and enforcing the guild rules

11. Have fun! This is a game..enjoy it
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Bedlam Rules of Conduct
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