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 Im bored...

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Pizzle to the Nizzle
Pizzle to the Nizzle

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PostSubject: Im bored...   Wed Nov 12, 2008 10:19 am

... of many things.
Btw im Nerff, and i'm bored of the itemization, bored of playing alone... i know that this game is all about PvP, and i love the PvP but some things are just wrong.

The PvE is bored, the dungeons are a joke, no rewards for doing open pvp, defending a keep gives you nothing... don't get me wrong, i love the game, but as it is now... is boring.

I know my BW is lvl36, but a i have a Magus 40 and i've been testing Bastion Stairs... is... a... joke, the drops are really bad, just drops items for some classes, not every class.

I don't really know what to do, i think ill wait till december comes with the new tanks and the "magic patch", because, as it is now is bored.

In 6 months this game is going to be awesome, but i really hate the bugs it has right now, i hate the crashes im having since day 1... 2 months and nothing happened. It has been improved all over these months, but... i don't know, this is not what i thought it would be.

Is anyone feelling the same? that this game is bored as it is right now? Or is it just me? Im a very hardcore player, im always doing something, but... the fact is that i don't have anything interesting in war to do.

So few dungeons, so easy mode, the pvp i really hate it sometimes, i feel that there is no reward at all for doing RvR... cause im a BW and i dont want those crappy stats in my set items.

It's not that im not 40, i have a 40 and a 36, and got bored.

I know this is going to get fixed, but right now, i don't even want to log in. Sad

And many, many people is feeling the same, many are leaving the game, and the devs don't know how to stop this... these are my thoughts now, these are my feelings... is not QQ, i'm getting reaaaaaaalllllllyyyy bored.

Sry if my english is bad Razz hehe

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Needs a Life
Needs a Life

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PostSubject: Re: Im bored...   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:19 am

Well, I think the main problem is that the majority of people are either just entering T4 or have been T4 for a while. Bastian Stairs is a very easy Dungeon, but it is only the first of I believe 3 at the moment. Also, there is no loot at keeps b/c at 40 the gear you need drops from the fortresses. Annhilator and 35 and below gear drops from the T4 keeps. While the conqueror gear and other level 40 purple drops are from the fortresses and Inevitible City. As far as Bastian drops... They do not want you to run a dungeon one time and have your entire group geared out. That is what makes it such good gear to have. You have to run it until you get it. You have to help your guildies run it until they get it. It forces team work and comraderie of the guild. Puggz as the only IB and myself as the only RP will probably have to run Bastian stairs(does not include Svoda and Brewski) more than all you BWs b/c we will have to help you all get your gear, but that is the point. This is just one of the many reasons why i am encouraging people to roll tanks and healers or even other DPS classes. Eventually, some BWs are going to get bored waiting for their gear.

As much as I hate to say this, Warhammer is not made for hardcore players. The classes are simple the PVP is easy and the raids are short. I personally love it for all these reasons. I do not want to have a Desolate or KOS or Guardians roaming the PVP areas rolling warbands because they are the only ones who have the time and "perfect" set up to farm the best gear and farm the keeps. This game is made for the masses and not the few hardcore players. Almost ALL mmorpgs are moving in this direction too. They realized that the "elitist" ruin more games than they help.

That being said I wish they could find a happy medium between hardcore and casual, but like you said I think it is months away. I do believe they will find it though. I know you said you have 40s and such, but there is more to the game than just "having" the 40. I have also experienced OPVP on several occasions and really enjoy it.

It sounds to me that you are just not seeing the entire game. You are looking at what you are doing now and not enjoying it instead of looking at what you can do or will do. My advice. Look to what you can be doing in the future and work towards making your toon the best so you will be ready to do that.



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Cleophus KotBS
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PostSubject: Re: Im bored...   Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:03 pm

I have been having this "boredom itch" as well. I have resorted to helping guildey's and playing an alt. I have found that it helps a lot. IMHO, if it's not fun, don't play. It's only a game and is intended to be fun. I've given up on stressing myself out all the time trying to be a top player. Pointless to stress out over pixels. Plenty of things in this world to stress out over. Enjoy the game, if not take a break, and hope to see you back. No worries, no one will hate you, we are all here to have fun anywyas, and i dont think anyone should force themselves to stay. I think mythic will make changes and it will improve, but as for right now, im kinda feeling the same way....
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Soon to be Unemployed
Soon to be Unemployed

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PostSubject: Re: Im bored...   Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:55 pm

The game is boring, but after you take a week or 2 off.. just roll an alt or just do random stuff instead of intensely looking for end game content... i took like 2 weeks off for my wedding, and when i came back, its fun again Very Happy oh and that we are progressing in end game content Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Im bored...   

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Im bored...
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