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 Grab bag 3

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PostSubject: Grab bag 3   Sat Oct 25, 2008 7:02 am

Q. I have spent three points in a Mastery path, but have not received the first Mastery ability. The bars have reached the ability, but there
is nothing in my spellbook. Am I doing something wrong?

A. Reaching the ability on the bar unlocks the ability to be purchased. From there, you must spend another point to purchase the ability. You can do this by clicking on the ability to highlight it, then clicking the train button. When you do this, it should spend a point and the ability will appear in your ability book.

Q. Do things outside of normal experience gain contribute to our guild levels, such as achievements through Tome unlocks (although I'd assume those would be personal achievements)? Or renown ranks (I'm assuming those also contribute to guild levels)?

A. In last weeks Grab Bag, I mistakenly stated that guilds will get experience from anything that a player gets it from. This was incorrect. Experience contributions come only from killing creatures and killing other players. So, things like tome unlocks and quest completions do not contribute to guild experience. Im very sorry for the confusion, and have edited the original reply to reflect this.

Q. I read in the Prima Guide that the 19 armor sets all have a hidden "grade" rating that effects damage in dungeons. My question is: Does any of the other armor (not part of these sets) have the "grade" effect?

I'm especially curious if the token purchasable armor sets available in the monarch castles will have a grade and further if this "grade" enhancement will affect all PVE encounters or just the four major dungeons and Capital City dungeons? For example, will they effect the King encounter and contested Capital City PQs, since they are somewhat Person vs. environment?

A. Grade is a number we have used internally to allow us to quickly gauge the relative strength of a set. It is not correlative to any exact value, and has no bearing on the game except as a shorthand to allow us to know which sets we're talking about. Grade does correlate with Wards, however, in that all sets of a specific Grade will share the same Ward. Grade 5 is Bloodlord/Annihilator, Grade 6 is Sentinel/Conqueror, Grade 7 is Darkpromise/Invader, Grade 8 is Warlord and Grade 9 is Sovereign.

The token-purchased armor sets do not exist anymore; tokens are no longer used as an in-game alternative currency.
Read on for more information about armor sets!

Pics and info on armor sets here:
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Grab bag 3
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