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 Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch

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PostSubject: Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch   Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:53 pm


Later tonight we'll be posting the patch notes for tomorrow's version. And being the impatient person that I am, I thought I'd take a wee bit of the goodness and good news from the notes and post them here. Again, this is *not* a preview of the entire patch notes but just some of the cool bits. Snarkiness/explanation from yours truly in BOLD.

1) Players no longer need to scroll down through the EUALA when logging into the game. The window now defaults to the bottom, and players need only check the Agreement box and click accept. And much rejoicing was heard throughout the streets. It's still there and you still have to accept it but we are no longer going to require the scrolling bit for now.

2) The war against the gold sellers continues! We have made improvements to the Appeal system to allow players to report spam messages from gold sellers more quickly. This is only another way we are trying to fight these guys and make it as easy on you folks as possible. We're not there yet but we'll get there.

3) TAB-targeting should now more consistently select the nearest enemy in the player's field of view. I know, some of you have heard this before but this version is better than the last version.

4) The /ignore command will now work more consistently. While /ignore worked well most of the time and for most people it was a bit quirky. Hopefully it isn't quirky anymore.

5) We have made several improvements to the chat window, and it should now be more intuitive to use and set up.

6) Player pets have learned to behave themselves. Yes, they have been sent back to obedience school more than once but hey, these things have a mind of their own at times. Bad Simba, bad lion.

7) The delay between sending multiple mails has been reduced from 20 seconds to 5 seconds. This is another one of those "first step" things.

Cool A feature has been added to User Settings which allows players to auto loot corpses by default.

9) Corrected an issue that was preventing players from adding new friends to their friend list even while the number of existing friends was below the list's size limit. All together now, let's say bug!

Lots more in the tonight's patch notes but please keep in mind that this version is heavily focused on bug fixes and needed improvements but not on the kind of "OMG look at what they added!" stuff. That will come later but for now, our focus is on fixing stuff and not adding lots of new stuff that could break the game.



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ROFL in my Pants
ROFL in my Pants

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PostSubject: Re: Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch   Thu Oct 02, 2008 3:30 am

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PostSubject: Re: Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch   Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:30 am

yep good stuff,

i dont troll VN boards etc, but has there been any cries for nerfs of specific classes yet?

as far as i can tell its pretty quiet on that end, i think some classes need a bit of a boost prolly

engineers and squiggies

but nerfs, dunno
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Needs a Life
Needs a Life

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PostSubject: Re: Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch   Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:52 am

yeah... it seems to be a pretty balanced game so far.



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PostSubject: Re: Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch   

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Mark Jacobs post on tomorrow's patch
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