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 Combat parser

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PostSubject: Combat parser   Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:47 am

To run the combat log parser click this link: Combat Log Parser

The combat log parser is a program that is designed to present you with reports and analysis about your combat experience in the game. It does this by reading the combat log that is written by the game while you're playing (all the text that also gets written to your combat chat window). There are several reports available to you including a combat summary report, a combat detail report, a fight analysis report, and ability chart output detail. You can also request the report in either PDF or text format. Of course, text format won't include chart data.

Here is a sample first page of the combat report:

And here is a sample of a detailed fight analysis against some "Nurglings":

Please note that the parser should work fine with Java version 1.6 or later, if you have an earlier version then that you'll need to update it. To update, just visit this site at Sun Microsystems.

Here are some instructions to get you started with parsing your combat logs courtesy of Arkane:

1) Open Up the Combat Log Parser program.

2) In the "Start" box it always starts at today's date, you can change this to an earlier time if you want to or are looking to pull a sampling from further back. For the Ending Date just type in the date and time it when you started this so that it has an ending point. (EDITORS NOTE: Ending Date is optional, no date means read to the end of the combat log)

3) Pick your "Output Format" but if you are a first time user I would suggest using PDF.

4) Click the "Run" button.

5) C: > Program Files > Electronic Arts > WAR_Beta > Logs > Communication > SELECT YOUR SERVER > PICK THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO TRACK > Select the "Combat.log" file

6) Just click "Open" after this and it will start to parse it all.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat parser   Tue Sep 09, 2008 8:50 am

Some tips:

The parser will work online or offline. To run offline you just need to start the java control panel, click the "view" button, then select the parser from the list of available applications. Starting the java control panel is dependent on your operating system, but usually there is an entry in your control panel.

If you prefer text output, just change the output format in the drop down to "TEXT".

For when you want to use text mode, using an 8 point font lines up the columns properly for me in programs like notepad.

There are 2 reports created in PDF mode, one for damage and one for healing. If you input an opponent's name you get a different report, the fight analysis.

You do not have to use the specific entry timestamps, but they do have to start before or at, and end after or at the times you want to include. It's a bit tricky because 00:00:00 means beginning of day, so it's easy to have a start timestamp that is in fact equal to the end timestamp (so you'll get a blank report).

For example, if you want all entries for a specific day you would enter something like this:

Start: 2008-06-03-00:00:00
End: 2008-06-04-00:00:00


Start: 2008-06-03-00:00:00
End: 2008-06-03-23:59:59

NOT (gives a blank report)

Start: 2008-06-03-00:00:00
End: 2008-06-03-00:00:00

The level field will show all results while you were at the entered level, and ignores the timestamp fields.

The damage/second chart is showing a 60 second moving average if you have at least 5 minutes of combat time. Or the actual numbers for smaller samples.

When you run a report, you can specify a ZIP file. The parser will scan the zip file for any combat logs and produce reports for each one.

Damage is what actually landed. Mitigated is what did not land. So your total damage potential is Damage + Mitigated.
In fact, you see the chart reports that as the total area area under the lines (hit + crit + mitigated).

The damage summaries do not include damage you do to yourself, such as from backlash explosions. However, those numbers are reported in the combat detail.

On the "Dodge/Parry/Block/Disrupt" stuff, if you "Dodge/Parry/Block/Disrupt" an attack that will show up in the combat detail as the number in parentheses next to your opponents casts number. That represents the number of "Dodge/Parry/Block/Disrupt" out of the total casts. Your total casts also includes the number of times you were "Dodged/Parried/Blocked/Disrupted".

Worldgorger loves mohitos, just in case you ever visit.

If you enter the name of an opponent you'll get a detailed analysis of all your encounters in game against them. I like to run the Combat Damage PDF first, scroll through the report and then run a fight analysis against interesting opponents I find.

If you close your report, and then want to see it again. Instead of re-running the parser you can select File->Open from
the menu and click on the report directly.

If you select the chart output format, you get a screen with a chart for each of your abilities (one for damage, and one for healing). The tip is that you can re-size the chart windows, and if you do the legends will also adjust to best fit the new size.

For those who are savvy java/sql types, you can set the windows registry option for "JavaSoft/Prefs/wo/ui/Persistent" to "true" and the combat log parser will write the embedded SQL database with your parsed log data to your hard disk (in the directory where your PDF files are also written).

Once you do that, you can then download hsqldb.jar, set it up, and access your data via SQL using the command: "java -jar hsqldb.jar wh"

Add these settings to your sqltool.rc file (replace the !Your home directory location! with your actual home directory location):

# WH
urlid wh
url jdbc:hsqldb:!Your home directory location!\Local Settings\Temp\wh
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ROFL in my Pants
ROFL in my Pants

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PostSubject: Re: Combat parser   Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:09 am

Good stuff
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PostSubject: Re: Combat parser   

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Combat parser
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